BioClinic Ubiquinol 300mg

BioClinic Ubiquinol 300mg

BioClinic Ubiquinol 300mg

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Ubiquinol 300mg 30 Capsules

Ubiquinol 300 mg contains 300 mg of ubiquinol, the reduced form of coenzyme Q10, for increased bioavailability. Ubiquinol 300 mg helps to maintain cardiovascular system health and function. Ubiquinol 300 mg also supports energy production in the cells mitochondria and supports egg and sperm health.

As with most supplements, the type of Ubiquinol is very important and this particular supplement has been carefully selected as being the most absorbable and effective form of Ubiquinol available.

Ubiquinol and Fertility:

  • Sperm and egg cells require a lot of energy to develop and are prone to destructive oxidation. 
  • Ubiquinol functions as an antioxidant and in the key energy-generating pathway within cells.
  • Levels of Ubiquinol decrease as you age.  Taking Ubiquinol supplements can increase blood and tissue Ubiquinol levels.
  • Ubiquinol supplementation has been shown to improve egg quality, sperm quality, and pregnancy rates.
  • Sperm and eggs both take about 90 days to develop.  For best results, fertility specialists recommend taking Ubiquinol and other fertility for 90+ days if possible.   

Many fertility specialists recommend taking anywhere between 300mg and 600mg of Ubiquinol daily.

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